How, why and for what I made a four minute video about my dissertation project!

As a PhD student one of the most common questions asked is “What is your dissertation project?” As fellow students very well know, this is not easy to answer in a concise, yet detailed enough and entertaining way. Last semester I had the pleasure to do exactly that, not in the form of stuttered, mumbled response, but by creating a video for an assignment. The instructions were fairly simple: no longer than three minutes, use images and/or video content, don’t forget to reference the sources.

When conceptualizing the video about my PhD project, I had the following goals:

– To communicate my basic research question to a broad audience

– By giving a concrete example

– To narrate my approach similar to storytelling

– and visualize it through videos

The most challenging part was conceptualizing my project for a broad audience by simplifying the underlying theoretical and methodological concepts.

The video was produced in Camtasia with video material from Vimeo. I recorded myself with a field mic. I hope you enjoy the result!



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