So much to do in DH @McGill this fall!

The semester has just started and we are in the last sunny and warm days outside, so what could be better than some coding training in the cozy library?

For an awesome hands-on introductory course in text mining (for which it is not late to register yet!) in which students learn how to code in R, check this one out. I will host some drop-in-trouble-shoot-tutorial-sessions to help out in making lines of code work, advise on interpretation of results and general support.

LLCU 255: Intro to Literary Text Mining — New Syllabus 2017

But there are also some coding experience you can acquire in your free time (if there is any left)!

McGill library hosts a bunch of introductory one-day workshops to coding (free!) as well as the SSMU offers a range of weekly courses in coding Python, Java and HTML (not free!). Thanks to my clever lab colleague Eve who drew my attention to the courses at SSMU.

I put together this humble list. You can find the events in the calendar (right side of the page) as well!


@SSMU (Weekly, Sep 27-Nov 15) 60$ Registration until Sep. 22

@RTech (Oct. 12, 14, 15, 21, 22) Free but registration required!

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